Friday, April 15, 2016

Connected doctors

The really cool thing (unless you are paranoid) about having cancer is that the doctors seem to work well together and communicate.

Unfortunately, I am a major klutz.  Of epic proportions.  So bad that my mom put me in ballet as a kid not for the dance but to learn some grace.  Didn't work.   I can find any solid object in my path, usually with my feet.  My poor toes have paid the price over 40+ years of walking.

Yesterday, I had 2 procedures done on 2 toes on my left foot. Short version = one leaking joint sealed up and one toe with extra bones removed (bones, not toe).  So, I'm sporting a gorgeous black orthopedic sandal look.  But the point of this story is the doctor connection.

I never told the podiatrist that I am a melanoma warrior.  There are no marks or moles on my feet/toes where he was working so I didn't say anything.  During our conversation yesterday while he was fixing me, he mentioned my dermatologist and how awesome she is.  Keep in mind, they are not in the same office.  He referenced knowing I could handle the numbing shots because I do it often. (Side note, numbing shots deep in your feet stink big time. I'll take my upper skin any day over that.)  I couldn't help but be impressed that he was aware of my history.  I could comfortably confirm for him exactly how long my stitches need to stay in from too many biopsies and he knew I was sharing trusted information.

I don't know who shared what with whom.  Sure, my file may be flagged. I'd be surprised if it wasn't but to me that's the thoroughness that a warrior should have and expect.  It reminds me of how lucky I am to have a team on my side fighting this with me.   I often feel very isolated in this fight and yesterday's visit had the unintentional effect of reminding me that I'm not fighting alone.  Now I'm off to go put my foot up and never take for granted how much my toes effect my daily life.

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